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SOUTHERN DRAWL BAND is a melting pot of sound and entertainment. Defined in categories like Country, Southern Rock, Trop Rock, and Bluegrass, Southern Drawl Band attracts a range of listeners from a broad spectrum of music genre and extends no restrictions on a targeted audience. Their unique trait of extraordinary music and song writing, along with impressive entertainment style is what sets this band apart from any other on the market.

One of the most significant attributes of this band is the ability to play for their listeners with such a diverse music genre. The members of Southern Drawl Band make every effort to play for their specific audience, whatever age or music preference that entails. As any one person among this growing fan base can confirm, the Southern Drawl Band is on a quick rise to already being a regional household name and are working hard to accomplish the objective of building successOne fan at a time.
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Southern Drawl Band was formed by lead vocalist, Mike Nash and drummer, Larry Dunsmore, in May of 2011. From there, all other members are strategically added to highlight each performance. Not only is Southern Drawl Band expanding their following locally in Knoxville, TN, by way of radio and television, but they are also receiving considerable attention throughout the entire Southeast region, as well as the Western US. Additionally, the band's music is recognized on a national level due to radio play by several renowned stations on the Internet.

In less than a year's time, Southern Drawl Band has generated a fan base reaching more than 20,000 and performing at many of the area's leading venues. Consistently invited to play for the most significant events and festivals, the scope of success for Southern Drawl Band is continually intensifying as each day unfolds.

"A Southern Drawl Band show is a non-stop party! Their energy pours off the stage and the audience eats it up. I will bring them back again and again to our concert venues, festivals and special events and recommend you to do the same. It's impossible not to love this band!"
- Bobby Rossi, Chief Programming Officer
Ruth Eckerd Hall, Capitol Theatre, Clearwater, FL