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With his Caribbean heritage, classical training, and a unique, rhythmic & melodic approach to Jazz improvisation, Nestor Torres shows his deep respect and knowledge of the tradition of Jazz and Latin Jazz Flute in its purest forms with his 15th album release, JAZZ FLUTE TRADITIONS. This eleven-song offering pays homage to legendary Jazz Flute pioneers like Herbie Mann and Eric Dolphy, as well as Torres’ idol and mentor, Hubert Laws. “For years I’ve wanted to pay tribute to the Jazz Flute pioneers that opened the way for us”, says Nestor. “I am excited to finally make this dream project a reality with Alfi Records.”

Nestor Torres defies the daunting task of bringing together what would seem to be an incongruent mix & match of unrelated pieces by creating a cohesive and exciting narrative of the rich, deep, and somewhat overlooked contribution of the flute to the Jazz canon. His very personal renditions of mid-20th century standards are themselves a contribution to Jazz Flute Traditions to come in the 21st century and beyond.

REVIEW ~ NESTOR TORRES: JAZZ FLUTES TRADITIONS ~ "The recording is a certified masterpiece not only because the legacy of the flute is probed in quietly persuasive terms as Nestor Torres undertakes this ambitious and superbly executed project, and establishes his own mastery of the instrument as a result." - Raul Da Gama,
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Involves working with students on pieces from the standard and traditional flute repertoire to the exploration of Latin American composers, which may include Piazzola, Ginasera, Guamieri & Villalobos.

Improvisation: For both Jazz & Classical (non-jazz). Players: For the development of one’s creativity (through and) for music.

Workshops & Interactive Performances: Uniquely designed and customized for the performing groups and ensembles of the high school, conservatory, college, university, or music center level.

Private Lessons: Customized for the particular need of each flutist.

Basics of Charanga Flute Performance: The flute is the protagonist in the style of Cuban dance music, where the flutist is the soloist throughout. Nestor Torres learned to play this genre in NYC’s hottest Latin Dance Clubs at night while studying at the Mannes School of Music and The New England Conservatory during the day. By applying classical music learning technique and repertoire, he became a master Charanga flutist. In a concise, straightforward manner, he shares the basics and lays the foundation for ay flutist to be able to play Charanga.


Your Voice: Developing and discovering your own flute voice

Latin Music: Hispanic Bridge to an Integrated Culture.

Flute Cuban Style: History & Demonstration

Conservatory at the Conservatory: An open dialogue to be held with the students, where a range of topics such as the difference between an artist and a musician, Artist as Entrepreneur, and Relevance of Arts and the Artists in Contemporary Society, among others.


Nestor Torres’ goal in his coaching and teaching approach is to empower and inspire the students to look for and discover the unique voice that each of them possesses.

The Sessions

Basic Tools: Sound, Technique, Rhythm, Harmony

Application: Discussions on the practical realities of different kinds of settings and circumstances for today’s and tomorrow’s musicians and performers.

Improvisation: “In Music, as in Life, sometimes you just have to make it up as you go along.” Torres sets the stage for the students to improvise according to their capacity in a relaxed, enjoyable way.

Self Exploration & Discovery. “This is Who I Am, What I Have, What I Do with it.”


a. Discovery ~ Strong and weak points, likes and dislikes, goals
b. Acceptance ~ Respect for Self and Others
c. Motivation ~ Finding out what inspires “You”

These guidelines may be adapted and customized according to the needs of the audience, the students, and the needs of the educating institutions.