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Melody Mendis is an inspired and versatile vocalist, tribute artist and voice instructor. She performs a tremendous range of music including, jazz, R&B, pop, blues, international songs and effortlessly soars through her entire range and belts with extreme athleticism.

Currently, she is focusing on her Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga tribute shows.

Melody has two solo albums and the first is, Love & Madness. It features creative covers of new wave, dark wave and pop. The second is titled, Wanderlust which has a smoother jazzy vibe and can be found on CD Baby.

Some notable past performances, include singing as Barbra at Camp Cabaret, a cabaret debut at the L’Aupin Agile Cabaret in Paris, touring England and competing at the Eisteffodd Music Festival in Wales, and a tour throughout North America. Melody was honored with a nomination to attend the prestigious Yale Cabaret Conference where she worked with cabaret legend Julie Wilson and Manhattan Transfer vocal ensemble founder Laurel Masse.

After years of singing in bands with other artist and doing shows, Melody put out a solo album, Wanderlust and it has been getting very good reviews nationally and internationally. You can expect it to be more of what she does so well – smooth and velvety jazzy pop, but with the special Melody twist, adding an extra edge which makes the music a little more than just classic. It makes it fun! The album is a carnival ride of highs and lows, taking you on a journey of love, lust and heartache. Once it’s over, you’ll want to do it allover again. In case you’re wondering, no, Melody is not her stage name. It’s real. Some things are just meant to be.
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Melody as “Barbra” pours herself in every performance and the audience feels each song, takes the journey through the highs and lows all while nested in a warm bubble of timeless music and comforting memories. Melody performs in intimate venues, supper clubs to larger stages where an audience member could not only touch or see “Barbra,” but feel immediately pulled and emotionally connected to the performance.

Melody is accurate beyond measure in the voice, style, banter with the audience, they quickly make the leap and are swept into Barbra’s world. A funny, witty, full of heart and surprises, Melody takes on a role that many do not attempt. She writes shows that embody the many faces of Barbra from the early jazz clubs all the way to the full stadium style concert years and will